Tantra is an ancient a remarkable spiritual discipline that has aspects of it that relate to sexual energy and its application in our lives. Some of those insights and practices have translations into physical touch.

Tantric bodywork is a beautiful and brave act of care and self-care. If and when you decide to receive this type of touch and attention it is an acknowledgment of yourself as a sexual person regardless of your sexual preferences or the level of sexual activity in your life. This choice shows an openness to be present with yourself and your body in a space it may not always have a chance to inhabit. I think that’s a pretty fearless choice, and it’s a pleasure and privilege for me to be a guide, facilitator and space holder for you or you and your partner.

This bodywork hits all the traditional spots you might expect in a massage – feet, legs, hips, back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and maybe even your face in sensual way. But if you want to go further, the bodywork (with your permission) can embrace areas massage therapists usually steer around: your chest/breasts, upper thighs, hips, butt, pelvis and genitals. Sessions are usually about 90 minutes to 120 minutes. Longer sessions are also available and allow an opportunity to go more deeply.

Our session begins with a brief chat about where you are with your body and where you think you might want to go in the session. I’ll stay checked in and make sure you are still feeling that choice at various points through the session. Then you lie down and I work and listen to you and all the parts of your body through attentive and conscious touch. My style of touch is strong, gentle, sensual, and playful at times. And my intention is to help you stay present in the experience and emerge in a relaxed and energized body that is awake and coursing with possibility. Also I am highly permission driven. If you want to go beyond a sensual but chaste bodywork session I am really rigorous about respecting your boundaries on your body and asking permission before we proceed at every step.

Arousal and orgasm may or may not occur – but that may not explicitly be the point.  But if that comes up, there is space for that. Sometimes, as shifts in energy occur, thoughts and emotions can flow more freely. There’s always room in our sessions to talk, reflect, share, cry or simply sit in silence if that’s what arises.

Included in the session is a call or email exchange the following day (or when appropriate) to process or share or get feed back.

I have a tremendous amount of traditional bodywork training in various modalities that I have integrated with my own sense of what this type of bodywork calls for. In addition I am proud to have completed Barbara Carrellas’s Professional Urban Tantra Training.