Matt has a warm, caring, nurturing energy. His touch is grounding, safe, and relaxing. His amazing intuition honed in on the parts of my body that needed the most attention with just the right pressure, and he checked in with me to make sure I was comfortable, every step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a relaxing and pleasurable experience.
Valerie G.

Words cannot express the deep gratitude I feel towards Matthew for offering this work to the world.

I was wracked with nerves before my session but am so glad I listened to my intuition that this man was to be trusted.
The session was like staring beauty itself in the face: there is such a purity of heart and devotion to the feminine in Matthew that I was moved to tears. He holds you and guides you gently with reverence and care, holding a space for you as if he’s never worked with a more precious soul in his life.

I have a partner and was fearful that entering into a physical experience with another man might expose an unexpected fault line in my relationship. Quite the opposite happened.

Through this experience of being held so tenderly and honoured so deeply by this curious stranger, I experienced overwhelming gratitude and love for the man I am in a relationship with. My session with Matthew held up a mirror to the grace, love and generosity I am so fortunate to experience from my partner and strengthened our bond.

A few days on, I’m still profoundly moved on a soul level by the whole thing. I can not recommend taking the leap highly enough.
(Gemma is willing to be contacted to talk about her experience. Reach out to be put in touch with her.)


My wife and I have been searching for a female tantric provider to help us share and elevate our passion. In our hunting we were surprised to find a male tantra practitioner that was trustworthy and not weird, let alone be open to a man to help us. I never imagined that I could be comfortable with a man touching my wife so intimately yet so respectfully or that it could open my heart so much. My wife was really surprised that she could feel so comfortable with another man too. His insights and presence really grounded us while exciting us at the same time. I learned a tremendous amount and so did my wife. We are still seeking that ideal woman guide but we are both really happy to have stumbled across Matt and trusted him enough to take us somewhere new. Matt has responded to every email and tried to share resources with us to help us find the tantric goddess we seek. Thank you Matt!
Jack J.

I got home too happily exhausted to say thank you last night, and this morning was a hectic one. But I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed last night. You have a wonderful, therapeutic  touch that made me forget everything and completely relaxed any inhibitions I may have felt. Thank you for a very memorable evening, and I hope we can do this again soon.
Rachel & David

I sought out Matthew’s emotional and physical therapy during a very difficult time in my life. I was having a lot of self doubt and feelings of loneliness. The healing nature of touch is amazing. Matthew’s gentle and caring nature also put my mind at ease and I was able to let go of my hesitation and doubts. By the end of my session, I felt empowered and fearless. If you’re ready to explore yourself and face your inhibitions in order to move past the things that bind you, give Matthew a call and experience tantric touch.  
Anonymous G.

As a yoga teacher who uses my body a lot, I was in need of deep tissue massage in addition to more gentle touch for relaxation. Matthew offered the perfect duet of deep, precise pressure and soothing, warming touch. Matthew has such a kind and inviting energy and it was easy to feel relaxed and at ease with him.  I felt so much tension vanish under his expert hands and spent the rest of my day feeling clear in my body and mind.
Jessica B.

I recommend Matt Stillman without any reservations . He is a man of God. Completely trustworthy and has your highest good in mind.

I found Matt through a reference and bluntly opened up to him over the first email and then the first phone call. He listened patiently and what he spoke was so so so heart filling that I had to pinch myself to believe someone can get me so well !

We scheduled a session with so much ease and he helped me to release trauma through touch in my whole body and then my pussy.

His hands were tender, had strength and had so much expertise. His attention was steadfast. And he constantly checked in with me. It was perfect.

The following day we had a check in call and I told him I felt like a huge rock was released from my vagina. I felt lighter in that area and everything seemed more joyful the next day. Crazy but true.

Matt Stillman is a blessing to the modern woman who is reclaiming her pleasure because he has the same intention for you. He really brought back hope in me to ask and receive from my husband the kind of pleasure that is possible for the both of us.

Thank you Matt.

Nomita Mehta

Working with Matthew Stillman has been one of the highlights and ‘break-throughs’ of my life. I can’t believe how much energy he moved in my body and in my life. I remember walking away from our first session on my way to work just feeling so fresh and new again, like the world was beautiful and everything is perfect (and it was rush hour in the middle of Manhattan!). I really didn’t realize the extent of the heights and expansion I had received from Matt until later when I look back and think of how magical, powerful, and insightful our time was together. Matt is extremely safe, incredibly handsome, and remarkably intuitive. I wasn’t sure what to expect from his tantra session before going in, but it was far beyond anything I could have imagined. I recommend him to all of my girlfriends. I think every woman should get the experience to be held and nurtured by this incredible man. You really get a sense that he does not do any of this work out of ego or creepy-ness. It all comes straight from his heart. 


When you came to me yesterday to give me tantric bodywork, you looked so unguarded. Your face, your body, your words were so open.  I sensed something special; something I’ve never felt with a man before; something clean and untarnished.   And there was innocence present.  Then I realized what it was – it was trust.  I wanted to capture this feeling and roll it around in my body.  It was so new.  I looked at you and thought, “I don’t ever want to injure this.”  I felt that newness inside.   It was a kind of expansion. It didn’t have a dramatic quality about it but felt somewhat like an oath, a prayer of contentment and quiet wonder. There was not a grudge to be found, just clean, safe ground.”
Stacy H.

I cannot say enough amazing things about Matt.  His presence was warm and tender yet I felt completely held by a strong masculine force that had rich experience and knowledge of the feminine. I felt completely safe and secure. I had a total breakthrough physically and emotionally in our session and felt the affects in my body, my sex, and my life long after.

Kari W.

If words could express my experience with Matt, the words that now come to my heart are…radical self-acceptance, bodily awareness, safety, freedom, and initiation. I came to Matt to assist in my healing of a heartbreak and a very dark time of my life. Even from our phone call prior to meeting, I knew I could be open, transparent, and safe with him. Matt has a grounded, masculine presence, a sense of humor, and a nurturing softness that made it feel easy to be myself. Not to mention, he is a wealth of knowledge and a skilled bodyworker. 

During our session, I felt him meet me right where I was at. Riding waves of pleasure, grief and tears, and tenderness, I felt comfortable expressing the depth of my heart and letting these depths move through my body. I really got that healing is not about “feeling better” but about meeting myself where I’m at with compassion. And I got to have this download on a cellular level. Matt created and held the space for that to happen. 

Weeks later, the butterfly effect continues. I have been able to step into my power and into a space of being much kinder to myself. This heart opening has even showed up in my relationships with others, both new and old. And so another word that comes up — gratitude. I am very grateful for his generosity in time, heart, and the space he held. Matt, you are a gifted healer, and I am still receiving the gift.

Sara Rose

I am finding my life has shifted since the massage – more energy, more focus…things are just moving forward after being stuck for years!!! 

Claudine L.

My time with Matthew was deeply stirring and incredibly healing. He created a safe and sacred space that was both compassionate and tender and that allowed me to unfold places inside of myself that previously felt blocked and frozen. We explored some of the most interesting, creative and deeply effective bodywork I have experienced that gave me a new perspective on not only what is possible in bodywork but what is possible in my own individual sensual sexual self-expression. Matthew has a level of mastery in bodywork and movement that mixes multiple modalities to support the receivers opening and an intuitive perception that guides opening and transformation easily and effortlessly. In our session space, there was room for me to relax and receive deeply nourishing touch as well as for me to explore dance, movement and contact improv. As a woman receiving this work from a male practitioner, safety and integrity are essential and I find that Matthew is the epitome of both. I seldom recommend male practitioners mostly because there are so few who are in integrity and able to create safety effectively for women, however, I find that Matthew embodies both integrity and safety in session space and I recommend him enthusiastically. sensualshaman at gmail dot com, feel free to email if you have questions.
Isis Phoenix

Matt’s a total pro and pleasure to work with. He knows how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed so you can get what you need from your session. His enthusiasm, generosity, and passion are apparent in all of his work and interactions, and he never makes you feel like there’s a timer running; Matt is more concerned with your experience and that the work he is doing is productive. If you’re looking for a direction and fate has brought you this far, you’d be a fool to not at least reach out.
Lefty Lucy

I have been living with ALS for three years and I had resigned myself to having frozen hips, no orgasms, and physical contact to be a functional activity. I was scared to be any more vulnerable than a terminal disease had already made me but I kept having the gnawing sense that there was a way to fulfill the deep desires I held hidden. Working with Matt feels so deeply safe as I know I am held with respect, kindness and love that radiates from him. He is so present within himself which allows him to be open and authentic while going on a journey and to address changes in needs and desires. He is also incredibly sexy and moves with power and grace. After my first session with him, my body was in an ecstatic shiver. I do not remember the last time I was turned on to the point of boiling over and my pussy became a flowing river with many rippling pools. I had an understanding in every cell of my being that I am sexy and phenomenal. It was not through any act of validation from him, as that is something many of us search for during intimate encounters, but rather that he was able to become a mirror for me to experience myself and that is ultimately so much more fulfilling. I was aware of being held by him and the universe. I now feel more at home and juicy in my being and Matt has been a delicious guide for helping this transformation begin to manifest.
Lindsay L.

This was just what I needed at this time. Perfect all around and you were just the right person. It was amazing on many different levels as an embodied powerful experience. I was very tired as you might expect then rested and felt wonderful. Thank you Mathew for your tender care.
Miss R

Matthew Stillman rocks my world. Not only is his bod smoking hot, it’s like porn star hot. Porn star hot with a personality that is like boy next door charming. Oh yeah, and he’s super smart, not like nerdy smart, but like esoteric life-coach hipster rebel smart. If he was a woman, he’d be the most sought after courtesan in the world, but he’s a dude in this work, so he has to work a little harder and get a lot of testimonials saying he’s safe and free from being creepy. Well, let me tell you, he’s safe. He’s free from being creepy. Oh yeah, and he’s Hot.
Isidora R.

Matt is an extraordinary person. He has a deeply honest and respectful way of working. Creating a safe space with a deep connection that allows for a what I consider to be a transformative experience, opening blocks with deep insight and the ability to facilitate change and healing within.
Aimee V.