Everyone has their own unique reasons for seeking, but over time some themes have emerged…

Liminal Spaces and Personal Transformations

Sigmund Freud said that civilization is the result of repressed and redirected sexual desire. Sexual energy is a truly powerful force in our lives and sometimes we have put it aside to “succeed” in the world and suddenly we are out of touch with our creative force and ourselves. Sometimes this insight/experience comes out of nowhere, while other times something else will arise and compels you to transform your life and yourself. I often meet people at various stages of transformation. Tantric bodywork can help you move what is stuck, turn inward or turn outward, get grounded or get moving. It might point you in a direction or have you be just where you are.

Feeling Disconnected from Your Body And Its Desires

Many of people I work with inhabit full professional lives that demand a lot from them mentally and intellectually but leave them feeling out of touch physically, sexually, emotionally, or spiritually. Tantric bodywork can be an opportunity to attend to that in new way. Relax. Drop the running thought commentary and be attended to.

Give Too Much

You might be that person who loves to give help, support, or pleasure to everyone but struggles to truly receive it yourself. Learning to receive intentionally can be hard and disruptive but incredibly empowering and may even help you be more receptive to all the pleasure, love and opportunities your life probably already has for you.

Heavy Heartedness

As someone who has felt sad, overwhelmed, alone and heavy hearted at times, I’m a big advocate of touch as a way to meet those feelings. It is a human need to be touched in a loving and safe way. Conscious, caring touch can remind our bodies and our minds that we matter and that we exist.

Opening New Doors

You may be looking to learn more about the sensuality of your body, your unique response to tension and arousal, and techniques for pleasure such as genital, anal and penetrative (prostate, G-spot) massage. These are some of my specialties, and I love to help people learn and explore.

Tantric bodywork is a chance to drop your clothes and your masks and be your in-process, vulnerable, desiring, creative, weird, beautiful self.